Why you need to translate to languages other than English

Translations  |  November 4, 2020   by Beatrice Bandieri

English, French, Spanish and Chinese: these are perhaps the privileged languages in the translation industry. Privileged meaning that they count for the lion’s share of...

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“Beautiful” translations with an agency for cosmetics

Cosmetics  |  November 2, 2020   by Beatrice Bandieri

Translating for the cosmetics industry requires impressive skills and passion: terminology varies and is highly brand-specific, requiring indisputable specialisation. Do you need beauty content translated...

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What are CAT tools?

Lingospell  |  August 29, 2020   by Beatrice Bandieri

Despite what they sound like, they have nothing to do with our feline friends, rather, they are extremely useful software applications (some would say, essential)...

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A translation agency specialized in iGaming

iGaming  |  September 6, 2020   by Beatrice Bandieri

Since its inception, LingoSpell has followed the development of online gambling with enthusiasm. We have done our homework on the sector, studied terminology and analysed...

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How to translate a website

Marketing  |  September 28, 2020   by Beatrice Bandieri

Yes, we know. You’ve been thinking it’s high time to get the website translated into French, haven’t you? But also into Russian and perhaps Spanish...

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