CAT tools, essential tools for translation professionals

Lingospell  |  November 29, 2022   by Sandra Iannotti
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In the world of translation and localisation today, it is unthinkable for a professional to survive without knowing how at least one CAT tool works...

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Why it is important to have (good) social media pages

Translations  |  November 14, 2022   by Beatrice Bandieri
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We were lucky enough to attend a great webinar promoted by RWS on the use of social media by translation agencies and would like to...

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Some food for thought about university, pursuing a career and dreams

Lingospell  |  October 20, 2022   by Sandra Iannotti
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  If you have a dream, chase it: this is probably the phrase that has stuck with me the most during the lessons this year! Yes,...

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Translation rates: how to define the price of a translation

Translations  |  July 14, 2022   by Beatrice Bandieri
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Today let’s talk about rates: what is the best way to calculate the cost of a translation? Is it better to count the number of...

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Inclusive translation: some considerations

Translations  |  June 14, 2022   by Beatrice Bandieri
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The matter of inclusiveness, also linguistically speaking, has recently become one of the topics on everyone’s lips. In the field of translation, things can therefore...

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The human component in the era of automatic translation

Translations  |  May 26, 2022   by Beatrice Bandieri
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The debate on this topic is open, now more than ever: in an era where automatic translations are developing, where does the human component come...

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